Marcelino Pan y Vino in Austin Texas

At Marcelino’s Pan y Vino in Austin, Texas they start selling tamales every morning at 6am and by 9am they’re sold out. A dozen will set you back 11 bucks. We started eating there over 20 years ago when the restaurant was still called Abarrotes Mexicanos.

Max Watman writes an interesting tale about a roadtrip through the Mississippi Delta where he investigates the vanishing tamale. He should’ve looked harder. We’ve never had any trouble finding tamales in any part of Mississippi. It’s about as hard as finding a bowl of red beans and rice in New Orleans.

It’s not often the New York Times pens an article on a tamale restaurant. The Old Gray Lady sent Ligaya Mishan to the Lower East Side to pen a report on Factory Tamal. Fernando Lopez is going about his tasks the hard way by nixtamalizing dried corn and producing his own fresh corn dough.

Mexican immigrant Rosalba Morales first job in US was at McDonald’s. That gig wasn’t paying the bills so she left to work at a major hotel in Atlanta where she turned her chef onto her tamale making skills. Now Morales has her own catering company and is working on opening a gourmet Mexican fast food takeout joint.

Writer Sarah Khan takes a long walk down Roosevelt Avenue in Queens New York to visit with the tamale ladies who scratch out a living by selling cheap food to local laborers. New York Immigrant Community Empowerment often shows up to make sure that the man isn’t messing with these gals while they’re trying to work in rough conditions.

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