This Week In Craft Beer News

How do you make money selling beer in St Louis if you’re not under the Anheuser Busch umbrella? GQ Magazine takes a look at the short history of craft beer in Missouri’s biggest city.

Brilliant work from Martyn Cornell on the history of India Pale Ale. Everything you thought you knew was wrong. Class is in session.

Do you enjoy geeking out over beer statistics? Visual Capitalist breaks down the top 10 beer cities in USA. Austin ranks number seven, and New Orleans is not on the list. But you already knew that.

Two men raised in trailer parks have founded the hottest beer company in Atlanta. Scofflaw Brewing Company’s Matt Shirah and Travis Herman sat down with Good Beer Hunting for a nice long look at their company and their penchant for pissing off their fans and adversaries. It’s worth a read.

We’re missing the best beer party Texas throws all year long. Texas Craft Brewers Fest is this weekend and we are disconsolate. Going? Eric Puga of the Austin Chronicle hypes the event.

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