This Week In Charcuterie News

Since 1878 a country store has sat on the site of Sideview Country Market in Gallatin, Tennessee. The building that Sideview currently occupies is considerably newer, it was constructed in 1925.

The old country store sat empty for the past two years but that recently changed when Scott Franklin reopened the old gem. Tennessee is one of the best places in the US to buy rural charcuterie and Franklin’s joint is chockablock with the stuff selling country hams, and fried baloney sandwiches. Gallatin is a half hour north and east of Nashville.

Henry County Tennessee recently held their big country ham auction. 47 hams were auctioned off with Clay Durham being adjudged the Grand Champion. His winning entry brought in $525.

Allan Benton has a modest little roadside ham stand in Madisonville, Tennessee. Inside you’ll find about 14,000 hams and 4,000 slabs of cured pork belly. I’ve been there many times and once you walk in and get a whiff you’ll be a slave for life.

In the Po River valley in Italy they’ve been making Culatello di Zibello for 700 years. Here in New Orleans the only place you can buy this exotic charcuterie is at Domenica, where Alon Shaya authors the finest cured meat program in the South.

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