I just finished watching a five minute short film on Scott’s Hot Tamales in Greenville, Mississippi. It’s a beautiful thing. Owner Elizabeth Scott (now departed) is a charmer and gracefully breaks down how she and her husband Aaron began selling tamales in the Deep South back in 1950.

Their stand is still up and running and being operated by their descendants.

The Beaumont, Texas area is one of the best eating regions in the Lone Star. We’ve written plenty about ‘Big Money’ before but til today we’d never heard of Margarette’s Tamale Stand , a tiny Cajun-Mexican joint that opened up in 1979 in nearby Nederland.

Matriarch Margarette de la Cruz is now retired but her daughter is continuing to run the family business.

At Tamales la Pasadita in Charlotte, North Carolina “There’s not much flash…no tableside guacamole or gallon-sized margaritas. But for authentic tamales with a home-cooked taste, it’s as good as you’ll find…”

A Mexican drug boss ate tamales filled with human flesh . Los Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano aka “El Lazca,” was a cannibal responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people.

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