Spangalang Is One Of Our Favorite Breweries In Denver

Denver was hot, dusty, and filled to the brim with people. Navigating about the city reminded us of attempting to cross Austin during rush hour (3pm-8pm daily).

But the beer was out of this world.

We predict that New Orleans will occupy a similar place sometime around 2045.

If you make your way to the Mile High City please visit Goed Zuur as it was the single best source for beer that we managed to find.

Luke and Walt Dickinson are now the two most hated men in the North Carolina beer scene. The brothers saw a chance to make millions of dollars via a sale of their Wicked Weed Brewing to AB InBev (known colloquially as Budweiser). Fallout was predictable as the formerly loved brewery was immediately denounced as being part of the ‘corporate Satan’ that is Bud. Good Beer Hunting sits down with Luke to get his side of the story.

During the interview Dickinson mentions that investors, and the Dickinsons had poured $20 million into the concern prior to Bud coming along with their checkbook. That neatly explains the reason for the purchase.

We were hanging out at an uptown New Orleans bar a couple weeks ago when we ran into a couple from Illinois who spoke passionately about Hand of Fate, a Petersburg brewery. We added it to our list of places we will one day visit then went about the business of getting drunk. News came across our feed earlier this week that the concern is definitely worthy of note as they won the beer shootout at the Illinois State Fair.

Funky Buddha, one of the largest breweries in Florida (the third most populous state in US) has been sold to Constellation Brands, the mammoth international beverage company. Much hand-wringing ensued.

Benchmark Brewing has been adjudged as producing the best beer in all of San Diego. And it’s not an IPA.

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