Dolores and Lupe Mendez of Mendez Cafe In San Antonio

We were busy making breakfast tacos this morning and while the hog jowl bacon was frying in the pan we dialed up the San Antonio Express to see what old-school Texas food critic Mike Sutter is up to.

He’s a busy man as is his custom (he’s eating hundreds of breakfast tacos in his “365 Days of Tacos” quest”) and one of his colleagues, Elizabeth Robinson, had mined his opinion on what the single best source for breakfast tacos is in the whole of the city.

He chose Mendez Cafe.

It’s not surprising. When we venture over to San Antonio we always hit the old neighborhood joint for breakfast tacos, refried beans and strong coffee.

The Mendez family have been putting out the city’s best Tex-Mex since June 19th, 1986, the day they opened their doors.

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