L.A. Frey & Sons Meat Packing Plant

The old L.A. Frey & Sons Meat Packing Plant is being torn down today (August 3rd 2017). The complex has a track hoe sitting on top of it and a crew of workmen are busy deconstructing the former concern.

L.A. Frey & Sons Meat Packing Plant was constructed in 1921 at a cost of $10k. The dimensions are enormous: a 52,500 sf building adjacent to a 15,000 sf empty parcel, plus a 14,000 sf office building with an 8,100 sf parking lot.

New Orleanians of a certain age (really old) will remember Frey’s ad campaign featuring the slogan “Demand The Brand” Frey’s frankfurters were banded together in the fashion of machine gun cartridges with paper bands connecting the links.

Frey Meats was founded in 1865 by Alsatian Andreas Frey when he was 58 years old. At one point Frey Meats employed 450 people.

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  1. I worked for Frey Meat co. as a delivery truck driver in the 70’s. I’d pick up a load of meat in lafayette and deliver it to Shreveport. Great people to work for. My fellow worker was Don Mason. My boss was Raymond Boudrou ( sorry, probably misspelled) He was over all the delivery truckers at the Lafayette plant. Great boss. Like I said, Frey Meat Company, great company to work for. Vic Block

    • Shamem Bardell says:

      Hi Vic Block,
      Quick question.. did you ever have the injection/vaccine that they used to administer every 6 months?
      Do you have any idea what it was called? The company said it was to keep the workers from catching a common cold.
      Be interesting to find out.
      Also do you remember a guy called Gene Raytell? He was well known as a master refrigeration guy.
      If you know anybody who used to work in the New Orleans plant please get in touch.
      Look forward to hearing your response.

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