Lupita is the proprietor of La Fogata in Austin, Texas and her kitchen is spotless

I’ve been fortunate in my life as a cook to have worked in some extraordinarily clean kitchens. When I was at Backstage under Ray Tatum, at the end of a shift we’d fill up a big kettle, bring it to a boil then use the 212°F water to clean everything in the kitchen including the floors.

Backstage had been around a long time (nee Red Wolf Saloon) and when we shut it down for good the kitchen looked like it was brand new.

But, all chefs are not created equal and there are some real nasty ones afoot both in New Orleans and the square parts of the US. Todd Price put in a lot of work on this piece in the Times Pic on the dirtiest restaurants in town.

We’ve eaten at most of them and suffered no ill effects but it’s still a bit disturbing to know we were lucky as hell to not have come down with the grip, pleurisy or cholera.

But we’re not going to quit visiting Buffa’s, The Quartermaster or Man Chu as they stand among our favorite places to get beef burgers, fried oyster po boys and fried chicken respectively.

Do you love Port of Call? Then quit reading right now.

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