Roadside Crab Stand Sales Girl Near Marrero Louisiana

True Discount on the West Bank near New Orleans has a reputation for giving the working man a big hot po boy for well under $10

And he better not let the door hit him in the ass on his way out. There are no seats inside the big quick mart. Once you start providing amenities like chairs and tables where does it all end?

We got wind of True Discount the way we hear of a lot of places for our series. We met a girl from Marrero and once the bare social niceties were out of the way we quickly began interrogating her on where she gets her po boys.

RL Reeves Jr is eating 500 po boys in Louisiana

A vegan, she was plainly scared as we excitedly described the roast beef po boy of our dreams and how we loved licking gravy off our elbows and wondering what sort of life the cow led before being converted into a sandwich.

“I hear True Discount is good” she offered nervously.

Off to Marrero.

The lunch counter lady at True Discount deferred when asked what the most popular po boy is. The guy selling cigarettes and Fireball immediately said fried catfish when we turned to him.

A foot-long fried catfish po boy at the convenience store is $5.95. Just a few miles north in New Orleans you can easily pay double if not triple that so there is value afoot here.

True Discount 3468 Ames Blvd, Marrero, LA 70072

The mayonnaise tastes suspiciously like salad dressing; a hanging offense in these parts. We don’t put Miracle Whip on po boys in southeast Louisiana. The bread is proper in that it shatters when asked to and is cottony in the middle. The fish is in dire need of salt and pepper. There is a touch of cayenne afoot here and we like that burn.

Would we leave the 9th Ward. Drive to Metairie. Get on the Huey P. Long Bridge. Go to Westwego. Head down to Marrero, all to get to True Discount again? No. But the only way you find the hidden treasures is to venture into parts unknown and that’s exactly what all the little towns on the West Bank are-unknown (to us).

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Lucille is the fry cook at True Discount In Marrero Louisiana

True Discount
3468 Ames Blvd
Marrero, Louisiana

Hours of operation
always call ahead
(504) 875-2749

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