RL Reeves Jr’s Charcuterie Report

We ran over to Shank Charcuterie last week to buy a few pounds of hog meat to convert into Tasso ham. Later this summer we’re cooking for a wedding party of 95 hardworking Texans and we wanted to make sure our ham work was at its peak.

It is.

In Wales, Bryn and Lowri Thomas are making corned lamb and selling it in local markets. This is the first we’ve heard of the stuff. From the article :

“A curing salt is also added to prevent spoilage by bacteria or fungus, while leftovers, such as offal and mince, are used to make faggots.” What prithee are faggots? We thought they were bundles of sticks.

Coryanne Ettiene is documenting the Dallas charcuterie scene . She visits with a few Dallas butchers who clue her in on where to get ham, bacon, pig ear terrine and what have you. We haven’t been to Dallas since 1997 and have no plans to go back but we have a lot of readers in the Metroplex who need all the help they can get.

Cesare Casella has pounds of prosciutto at $64 per. We bet it’s great. He uses meat from hogs that were intended to be processed by Edward’s Virginia Smokehouse before the fire destroyed their business. The New York Times has more info.

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