A Photo Of The Fad Pool Hall In Corbin, Kentucky. Part Of The Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail Hall of Fame

The Appalachian Food Summit is bring their ‘Cornbread Convocation’ supper series to Corbin, Kentucky, hometown of famous author Ronni Lundy.

It’s $70.

The Wrigley Taproom is host with chef Kristin Smith on the range. The Wrigley could open up in Asheville or Austin and make good money as they are easily the best dining and drinking option within 60 miles of Corbin.

We spent a memorable evening their last summer and had the time of our lives drinking beer off their long tap wall, and listening to a bluegrass band that made up for their lack of playing ability with plenty enthusiasm.

The five courses will be paired with readings from authors Michael Croley, Silas House, Jason Howard, Ronni Lundy, Lora Smith, and Marianne Worthington.

The event serves as a fundraiser for the Appalachian Food Summit.


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