Rest In Peace: Winn Dixie in Gentilly

Winn Dixie is on hard times.

The former national behemoth grocery chain has seen its status shrink from being a top five player in the mid-90s to a current status where the company doesn’t even rank among the top 20 largest supermarket chains in USA.

Under its current marque, Winn Dixie has only been operating since 1955 when William M. Davis bought Dixie Home Stores of Greenville, South Carolina, merging the regional group with his Winn & Lovett chain.

The company quickly grew into a swaggering monolith at one point becoming so threatening that the Federal Trade Commission forbade Winn-Dixie from acquiring any retail grocery stores in the US for ten years.

That swagger is now long gone as is evidenced by the sad sight of the once mighty Winn Dixie in Gentilly’s life force slowly draining out via the time honored ‘going out of business’ sale.

I asked the clerk what the hottest sale item had been so far and she said “sheeyit darling they done cleared out all the gin!”

Rest in peace Winn Dixie.

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