Elizabeth “Betsy” McDaniel of Betsy’s Pancake House

Some po boy articles come with a heavy freight. We’ve been eating at Betsy’s Pancake House since the 90s, and can’t help but think about Miss Betsy every time we walk through those doors.

Elizabeth “Betsy” McDaniel was killed in a home invasion in the New Orleans suburb of Marrero in the Spring of 2008. Bryant Boudoin was sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

Miss Betsy’s murder gripped New Orleans as she was not only the owner of the restaurant but a popular waitress who was always hustling short stacks and cups of coffee around her old school eatery’s dining room.

A portrait of McDaniel holds sway over the restaurant she founded in 1986.

RL Reeves Jr is eating 500 po boys in New Orleans

It’s Sunday morning and 90 percent of the eaters at Betsy’s have short stacks, scrambled eggs and sides of bacon in front of them. But we’re only in it of the po boys so we ask after a BLT on a French loaf.

$5.25 is the tariff.

A once-fresh New Orleans French loaf swaddles a goodly handful of crispy bacon strips and shards. We suspect the grill cook reached down, grizzly bear-style and just sort of pawed through a lexan of bacon and gathered what he could. The bread is cold. Pickles, as they should, come on the side. Mayo, lettuce and tomato complete the picture.

The first BLT in our 500 po boy series

Betsy’s is packed as we drift off to reverie. For over 20 years Miss Betsy got up at 4am to prepare for a hard day of waitressing and counting down cash tills. She loved feeding people and New Orleans loved her as is evidenced by the land office business her old joint is still doing nearly a decade after her passing.

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Betsy’s Pancake House
2542 Canal St
New Orleans, Louisiana

telephone (504) 822-0214

Hours of operation
Sunday 7AM–2PM
Monday 5:30AM–2PM
Tuesday 5:30AM–2PM
Wednesday 5:30AM–2PM
Thursday 5:30AM–2PM
Friday 5:30AM–2PM
Saturday Closed

Betsy’s Pancake House 2542 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

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