The Only Openly Satanic Beer Maker In Texas: Jester King

“I’m not against the word ‘brewmaster’ per se, just its liberal use. All brewmasters are brewers, but not all brewers are brewmasters, just as not all cooks are Michelin-starred chefs.” Zymurgy editor Dave Carpenter

I wish we could apply this rule to barbecue where everybody’s brother-in-law who has a Weber and a bottle of lighter fluid is now a ‘pitmaster’

The estimable Stan Hieronymus weighs in on defining a brewmaster.

Almanac Beer Company out of San Francisco is one of our top five breweries in the US. You can’t buy their beer in Louisiana but that hasn’t stopped us from begging and cajoling friends out west to spirit a few bottles into New Orleans over the years. Founder Jesse Friedman explains the ethos of his company as it relates to the food served at his company’s brewpub. There are a lot of layers to this interview.

“A short taxi ride away is the aptly named Plaza Fiesta, a gritty, dark labyrinth of taprooms where the majority of craft brewers have set up shop—including a funky little newcomer called Vibra.” Jaime Jacques explores the Tijuana craft beer scene.

We’re not sure how we missed this when it came out but if you love barrel-aged stouts, Paste Magazine ranks 144 of the best. The only beer on here that’s attainable to New Orleanians (with a five hour drive) is Good People Brewing Company’s El Gordo in B’ham.

There is no shortage of fantasy and delusion when it comes to politicians and beer wholesalers’ view of brewery taprooms. Forbes magazine looks at pushback in the industry as brewers taprooms become more successful. We dream of a taproom in every single ward in New Orleans. A Gentilly brewery that specializes in pilsners, a lower 9th Ward taproom that only serves geuzes, a Faubourg Livaudais beer maker that hones in on ESBs. It could happen y’all.

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