Jean Bell is the queen of Kentucky beer cheese

The Kentucky lege (HB 206…BR 924) decreed Clark County, Kentucky as the birthplace of beer cheese on February 21, 2013.

Winchester, a small town in central Kentucky ran with the decree and has turned their annual beer cheese party into one of the state’s best food festivals.

$5 gets you a beer cheese wristband at which point you’re turned loose on Beer Cheese Boulevard where you march down a promenade that features 11 different beer cheese vendors hawking the Kentucky foodstuff that is legendary in the Bluegrass state.

It’s all you can eat.

After stuffing yourself with the delicacy you’re allowed to place a vote on your favorite beer cheese. The winning company gets $1000.

Kentucky, Wisconsin and Ohio are all represented in the shootout.

Last year Hall’s On The River won people’s choice with the legendary Jean Bell authoring the winner.

There is also an amateur component to the event so if you’re a bootleg cheesemaker with stars in your eyes you’ll have the opportunity to get your brand out there. Shoot for those stars.

10 musical groups will be performing at the event.

Saturday June 10th 2017 10am-5pm

Downtown Winchester Kentucky

There is an official Kentucky Beer Cheese Trail:

Cairn Coffee House
17 South Main St.
Winchester, KY 40391

DJ’s Bar & Grill
836 Bypass Road
Winchester, KY 40391

Full Circle Market
240 Redwing Drive
Winchester, KY 40391

Gaunce’s Deli and Cafe
845 Bypass Rd.
Winchester, KY 40391

Hall’s on the River
1225 Athens Boonesboro Rd.
Winchester, KY 40391

JK’s at Forest Grove
4636 Old Boonesboro Rd.
Winchester, KY 40391

Waterfront Restaurant and Lounge
220 Athens – Boonesboro Road
Winchester, Kentucky 40391

Woody’s Sports Bar & Grill
923 Bypass Road
Winchester, KY 40391

We attended last year’s event and filed this report.

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