NuNu’s is producing some of the best charcuterie in Louisiana

“When the Bavarian patriarch Oscar F. Mayer immigrated to the United States in 1873, he worked as a butcher boy in Detroit and then in Chicago’s meat industry. Oscar F. soon started his own company with his brothers Gottfried, well-versed in “wurstmaking,” and Max, who kept the books.”

Oscar Mayer in Madison, Wisconsin is shuttering. Abigail Becker penned a fascinating longread on the closure.

An Egyptian butcher is curing Egyptian pastirma at his shop in Dublin, Ireland. Rafea Abdelrazek spends 3-5 weeks on the project.

“At a dinner Monday night at his nationally acclaimed Lawrenceville restaurant Cure, chef Justin Severino served a dish that contained horsemeat, drawing the ire of animal advocates online after pictures of the dish and the menu were posted on Cure’s Facebook page.”

Dan Gigler breaks down the controversy. We enjoyed horse ribeyes last year in the Netherlands. No qualms. If you eat cows and pigs you may as well eat the occasional horse as well.

New Orleans butcher Kriss Doll runs Shank Charcuterie right down the street from our house. Helen Freund visited and filed this review. Mr Doll is sourcing ethically raised and slaughtered creatures from Louisiana and Mississippi farms. He’s extraordinarily talented. We love this place.

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