Little People’s Place 1226 Barracks St; New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

It’s been a quarter century since charbroiled oysters hit the menu at Drago’s Seafood Restaurant out in Metairie. Since then hundreds of cooks, chefs, housewives, dockhands, and oystermen have all taken a crack at what has become one of southern Louisiana’s archetypal dishes.

So when Little People’s Place, a tiny juke-joint in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans has a lady on the stoop running a big propane grill crowded with dozens of oysters drenched in garlic butter and parmesan cheese we don’t bat an eye.

We just join the queue.

Miss Connie is smiling and laughing while fire shoots up toward the sky. She moves deftly snaring oysters with one hand while lining styrofoam clamshell containers with aluminum foil with the other. $24 will get you a dozen garlicky charred oysters but we’re only in it for the po boys.

She looks us up and down. “Gimme $10” she murmurs.

Sometimes being downmarket in appearance really pays off.

Connie’s chargrilled oyster po boy is rigorous in construction. A half-dozen salty, smoky oysters have been crammed into a soft, oblong roll. That is all.

There is no accoutrement nor is there any needed.

O.V Wright is blaring on the hi fi. A giant kettle of frying catfish sits off to one side adding to the atmosphere. The crowd at Little People’s Place is always diverse as retirees, bankers, schoolteachers, bikers, roughnecks, and neighborhood stakeholders have long claimed the bar as their own.

It’s our favorite bar in the city and if you visit on a Friday night you may find Miss Connie making one of the best charbroiled oyster po boys in all of New Orleans.

Little People’s Place
1226 Barracks St
New Orleans, Louisiana

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