The long-running and legendary Crown and Anchor Pub in Austin Texas

Writer Christopher Barnes goes deep on the Order of Friars Minor aka the Franciscans . The tenets of the order are: Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. And these monks love brewing world class beer. They have an order in Cincinnati and we got real excited til we learned that the monks up in the Queen City are not brewing any beer. More’s the pity.

Nursing moms were once prescribed ‘milk stout’ as being a healthful tonic. We’ve long maintained that the stuff is good for you even if our teats are fallow. Jeff Alworth examines the once commonly held notion that stouts are good for you.

We’ve never been to northern Michigan nor do we have any plans to go but we devoured this profile of John Niedermaier, the Terra Firma Brewery founder and head brewer. The man rests his head on a pillow stuffed with hops at night. Hippy? Perhaps, but definitely an intriguing figure.

We still meet people who ‘don’t like beer.’ They’ll drink Yellow Tail all day long and smack their lips over it but when it comes to beer it’s “no sir, I just don’t like the stuff.” Until we pour them a glass of Rodenbach, the most potent entry beer in our arsenal when it comes to breaching the palates of non-beer drinkers. Learn the basics of Flanders red and how you can turn your square friends into beer lovers.

Best beer we had this week? Illustrated Man from Independence Brewing in Austin, Texas. It’s an American Wild ale that conjured memories of picking blackberries with the elderly womenfolk of our youth. And no, you can’t buy it in Louisiana.

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