Iron Age Bacon From The Test Kitchen Of RL Reeves Jr

Whither goest yonder bacon critic?

In June of last year, Time Inc. announced they would be hiring a bacon critic for their breakfast-oriented website Extra Crispy.

After what must have been a riveting search the company announced the hiring of Scott Gold, a former alt-weekly food writer from Louisiana.

Apparently, Gold’s tenure at Time has drawn to a close as his last posted effort came on January 10th of this year following an oeuvre consisting of 10 columns.

In five months.

We expected a “bacon critic” to go deep into the world of swine perhaps traveling to Borneo to embed with tribesman making a fabled “lost bacon” of the 16th Century or go to work in a slaughterhouse where he would kill a hog with a .22 then butcher the bellies off the beast, and show the readers how bacon is actually made.

Instead, we got a review of a bacon cheeseburger from Burger King, a thinly disguised, column-length ad for Smithfield Foods, Inc. and a story about pork-free bacon. There’s more out there if you’re up for a search.

So what happened here? Did the bright spotlight that national media beamed down upon Gold cause him to wither overnight? We have no way of knowing. We were looking forward to some good longreads on bacon from his pen, but we gleaned nothing of any real interest from his work.

And Time Inc. appears to have folded up their bacon critic gimmick as we haven’t heard a peep from corporate since Gold went quietly into the night.

It’s just as well. Bacon is divided into two worlds. There are dabblers, and there are lifers. It’s not hard to figure out who’s who or which is which, just take a look at the Extra Crispy website and it will become evident in short order.

RL Reeves Jr

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