Mansura, Louisiana’s Cochon de Lait Festival

It’s been two years to the day since we broke bread at Mansura, Louisiana’s Cochon de Lait Festival.

It’s taken the full two years to get the awful taste out of our mouths.

“The festival has a long and storied history starting in 1960 and coming to a [temporary] halt in 1972.

This is when the party reached a crescendo

At one point the Cajuns attending the party had gone native and gotten so wild and wooly what with all the drugs, dancing, rampant pork consumption and public sex that the city put a halt to the celebration for almost two decades.

But in 1987 the Cochon de Lait Festival was reborn and continues apace today.” (From an old article we penned on the party)

Our visit two years ago found these words tumbling from our pen: “The meat (it’s not cochon de lait, this hog has been off the teat since Eisenhower was in office) is tough, dry, smokey, and largely inedible. The room temperature coleslaw is syrupy sweet with nary a hint of acid to cut through the treacle.”

Full report from the party.

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