We compiled a list of all the state inspected slaughterhouses in Louisiana earlier this year.

It has since come to our attention that one concern that made our directory, Springfield Slaughterhouse in Springfield, fills a unique market niche.

They specialize in the slaughter and packing of wild boar hogs.

Wild boar hogs are a menace, destructive to our state’s ecosystem but perhaps more importantly, delicious.

When we lived in Texas we routinely ate wild boar as we had plenty hunter buddies who stalked, killed and dressed them.

Wild boar hogs are such a problem in the Lone Star that helicopter-based hunting outfits have launched; for a fee they will strap you into a harness and fly over sounders of wild pigs where you can spray death from above down on the hapless creatures.

Don’t feel sorry for these animals.

There are an estimated 500,000 wild pigs afoot in Louisiana. Hunters take down roughly 160,000 of these animals per annum. But that’s only 32% of the population. All 64 of Louisiana’s parishes now have wild boars (and sows).

Wild boars can reach sexual maturity as early as three months, and continue breeding up to the age 14 years.

Charlie Munford bought Springfield Slaughterhouse in 2014 but it wasn’t until last year that he began specializing in killing and dressing wild hogs. Hunters and trappers must bring the animals in alive so they can be inspected prior to slaughter.

Munford estimates that 90% of his business is now dedicated to wild pigs with domestic swine making up the other 10%.

There are 35 state inspected slaughterhouses in Louisiana but Munford’s is the only one specializing in wild boar. We have not had a chance to try Springfield Slaughterhouse’s product but we do have a couple wild boar recipes in our arsenal

How To Make Wild Boar Hog Stew

Authentic Tex Mex Part Twelve: Wild Boar Enchiladas w/ Chile Arbol Sauce

A Solution To The Wild Hog Problem In Louisiana

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