Oedipus Brewing In Amsterdam Netherlands

When we think of Bogotá, Colombia we remember the cartels of the 80s who made millions selling the devil’s dandruff to witless Americans. Nowadays things have dramatically changed in the ‘Athens of South America’ not the least of which being the city has a thriving craft beer scene.

Read about Bogotá’s craft beer trail.

Distilleries in Kentucky used to give old whiskey barrels away to anyone who wanted them. The eastern Kentucky landscape was littered with bourbon barrels that had been repurposed, usually as planters in front or side yards. Those days are gone as brewers now clamor for used barrels. Meet the brokers who make sure your favorite breweries have access to these treasures.

We’re planning a trip to Memphis in the Fall so we’ve been in research mode. Writer Shane Dotson penned a scene report from the Bluff City.

Farmers love spent grain as a cheap source of nutrition for cows and pigs. Now Illinois State University is doing research on how the grain affects the flavor of meat.

Russell Goldenberg spent countless hours developing a formula where he could ascertain the ‘beer capital’ of the US. Spoiler alert, it’s Santa Rosa, California. If you like arcane statistics then this article is for you.

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