Natchitoches Meat Pie is pure Louisiana soul food

“Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook” is back in print thanks to the Lee Brothers of South Carolina.

“The recipes are incredible, really deep dive on South Carolina cooking before the war, very sophisticated combinations of ingredients like hog chow and turnip greens, pigtails and butter beans, 12 different permutations of sweet potato confections.” Matt Lee

NPR has the details.

“About a mile off Route 13 on Virginia’s Eastern Shore sits a small, nondescript white building in the unincorporated town of Weirwood, largely colored by the memories evoked there and indicative of a different time.

A hand-painted sign marks the venue: “Gidden’s Do-Drop Inn.”

The old restaurant was opened in 1967 and hosted one of our all-time favorite bluesmen, Arthur Crudup, during its heyday. Nowadays it’s only open one day per month.

Hillary T Chesson has the story.

One of our favorite cities on earth is San Antonio. We spent a lot of time there when we lived in Texas and it’s our favorite town in the Lone Star state. At Southern Girls a soul food restaurant, Lynne Allen, owner, tells reporter Marvin Hurst: “We have ox tails, that’s our bestseller, and smothered pork chops is our next biggest seller. We have smothered and roasted turkey wings. We do turkey necks, pig feet, ham hocks, neck bones, smothered steak, fried fish, gumbo, chitterlings.”

Eugenie Woo and Chris Scott run Butterfunk Kitchen up in New York City. Writer Ligaya Mishan had us slobbering like redbone hounds; “A half-cob of corn gets deep-fried, too, after a roll in cornmeal and Old Bay. It’s a state-fair snack, not fussily elevated but enriched, with an ooze of house-made ranch and slab bacon slapped on top.”

Bakersfield California soul food legend Fabious Worthy is dead.

We are entirely sick of reading about ‘healthy soul food’. All soul food can be healthful as long as you don’t eat three pounds of it at one sitting. You can eat chitlins, hog maws, macaroni and cheese, souffle potatoes, and smoked pork ribs…just control the amount of food you put on your plate. When we get fat we cut back on our portions until we’ve wrestled control of our girth down to a manageable size.

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