Frady’s One Stop Beats Three Muses In Bean Madness To Advance To Elite Eight

We rolled over to one of the hottest streets in New Orleans yesterday for the Sweet 16 round of Bean Madness (New Orleans’ red beans-based answer to March Madness)

When we say hot we mean hot as in crime and plenty of it. Open air drug and prostitution markets flourish on France Street and have for decades. The red beans tasting at St Claude Flower Farm was a block from where Josh Gilmore was murdered in June of last year, a shooting that rocked our neighborhood to its core.

This past Friday Gabriel Williams was shot, 50 yards river-bound down France. He died today. His killer is still on the lam.

Hopping out of our van on a beautiful Sunday afternoon we take note of the meticulously cared for gardens that the event is set up in. We also note the hookers on the stroll towards the infamous France Meat Market.

We love living in the 9th Ward but we always stay sharp and ready to buck if trouble erupts.

This round of Bean Madness pitted Frady’s One Stop vs Three Muses and we’re happy to report that each sample was good. The tasting was blind, as it should be, and ultimately we chose one over the other purely based on ‘creaminess’ of the bean.

We just discovered that Frady’s bested Three Muses and will now face Cake Cafe in the elite eight this weekend (ed note: showdown took place on 3/27). Cake Cafe is bafflingly popular but we’ve never had their red beans; perhaps they’re good? Let’s hope they don’t get them from a ‘boil in bag’ purveyor as the last bowl of soup we had there was clearly made in some far-off factory of horrors.

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