2017 Scott Louisiana Boudin Festival

The Louisiana lege decreed the city of Scott to be the boudin capital of the world back in 2012.

Of course a contingent of boudin men from Scott arrived in the legislative chambers toting 50lbs of hot boudin just prior to the vote.

We love Louisiana.

The 2017 Scott Boudin Festival will be taking place April 21st through 23rd in downtown Scott, Louisiana. Mayor Pro-Tem Jan-Scott Richard is president of the festival.

Scott is known as the city “Where The West Begins.” In 1902 Albert Bourque opened a western-themed saloon there, and when asked why he did that in Louisiana he replied “because this is where the west begins”

Indeed, we have a Scott coffee mug and the slogan is emblazoned across the side.

We’ve spent plenty hard-earned dollars in Scott over the past 20 years, all of it on boudin, cracklins and gasoline. When we lived in Texas we always made sure we were just about out of gas when we hit Lafayette Parish so we could stop for a few minutes and lay in heavy supplies of sausage and fried out pork fat.

Scott may or may not be the Boudin Capital of the World, after all Wallace Johnson lives right up the road in Lafayette and that grand old man of boudin could make the Hub City’s claim a strong one.

What we’d love to see is a boudin death match between Scott, Mamou, Cottonport and Lafayette with the winner taking the title of Boudin Capital of the World.

Scott’s sausage party is April 21, 22 and 23 on Lion’s Club Road right in front of city hall.

Oh, and keep your ice chests and sagging pants at home. They’re both forbidden.

Admission is $5

bonus field report on T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse in Mamou.

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