Brouwerij ‘t IJ in Amsterdam is a nice place to hangout but I wish they practiced better line maintenance.

Arcane beer laws that have existed since the early post-prohibition-era have created massively profitable beer distribution companies. You’ve certainly heard of Glazer’s, Southern Eagle, and Ben E. Keith. Writer Marc E. Sorini offers the best explanation of the three tier system we’ve ever read.

Knoxville is one of our favorite ‘under the radar’ cities in the US. It’s mountainous, a river runs through it, the food is great (Wright’s Cafeteria,) and if it wasn’t so far north we would love to live there for a year or two. Also, six breweries are opening there this year.

We keep hearing about Aslin Beer Company but since we live in the marshes of southern Louisiana it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to try their beers. Sit down and listen to a podcast with founder Kai Leszkowicz

When I make a new friend who ‘doesn’t like beer’ I attempt a conversion with brews from Brouwerij De Brabandere, makers of Petrus. My success rate is near 100%. Writer Christopher Barnes reviews their new Petrus Sour Framboise

Thank god for Mississippi is a rallying cry you often hear in Louisiana. While we’re always at the bottom of national rankings for healthcare, crime, and education we can always content ourselves with the fact that our eastern neighbor is worse. The Magnolia State just got dragged kicking and hollering into the 21st century with the passage of house bill 1322 allowing citizens to march into a local brewery and buy beer.

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