Caesar Adams is dead.

Cornelius Barthelemy will be 81 years old before he breathes free air.

Officer Jonathan Smith is facing a long road of recovery after being shot twice, two and a half years ago at Gene’s Po Boys in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans.

We previously wrote this about the shootout:

Gene’s Po Boys is famous in New Orleans for serving up fat loaf po boys stuffed with Patton’s Hot Sausage patties and American cheese.

They’re now also famous for shootouts between New Orleans gendarmes and would-be stick up men.

Three men: Cornelius Barthelemy (replete with Amish neckbeard) Caesar Adams (now dead) and James “Renegade” Wilson (the wheelman) rolled up on Gene’s on St Claude Avenue Sunday morning at 1:40 am, disembarked from a Ford Expedition and leisurely made their way toward the front door.

That’s when all Hell broke loose. Seeing a police officer working an off-duty security patrol, Barthelemy produced a weapon and opened fire.

Giving as good as he got, Officer Jonathan Smith returned fire with eight rounds sending the malcontents packing. Smith’s aim was true as Adams would be found dead from his wounds later in the day with a nearby Barthelemy wounded, and Wilson on the lam.

Officer Smith was hit twice, has subsequently undergone surgery and is recuperating in the hospital. He is said to be in fine condition.

Video footage of portions of the affair was widely broadcast via New Orleans TV stations.

James “Renegade” Wilson has subsequently turned himself in to the authorities.

Gene’s owner Eugene Theriot, “one of those guns looked about the size of your forearm”


Five minutes before the Gene’s Po Boys shootout, Barthelemy, Adams, and Wilson had attempted an armed robbery at a party on nearby Annette Street. The trio failed but managed to shoot Sterling Everidge in the neck during the dust-up.

The group then proceeded to Gene’s where they spotted Officer Smith. On the witness stand at the trial that just concluded, James “Renegade” Wilson had this to say about Barthelemy “He said, ‘Man, I’m going to kill this cop.’

“He didn’t care about cameras. He didn’t care about being caught. He was just thinking about what he wanted to do, and that cop could have been anybody.”

Cornelius Barthelemy pleaded guilty yesterday during the trial and accepted a 45 year prison sentence.

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