Charlie T’s in Breaux Bridge has been putting out some of the best boudin in Acadiana since 1994. If you like plenty green onions and lots of pork stuffed into your boudin links then take the drive to St Martin Parish.

Matthew Secich was a chef working for Charlie Trotter when he decided to become Amish, disappear off the grid and begin making charcuterie by lamplight in rural Maine. Then the government came after him. Media descended on Secich’s business over a year ago over the contretemps and it was feared that the tiny meat house would have to close.

Ötzi was the name given to a caveman discovered sheathed in ice in a European glacier in 1991. Since then scientists have been studying the remains of the 5,300-year-old mummy, and it was recently discovered that his final meal was cured meat.

Up in DC at Halfsmoke you can get beef brats, Italian pork links, lamb merguez, and half-smokes, half-beef, half-pork sausages that have been popular in the nation’s capital since the 1930s. Before you book a flight you may want to read this takedown.

In the wilds of rural Kansas, Matt DeMoss is making old fashioned charcuterie at his Meat Shed shop in Frontenac. It’s in his garage. Read more.

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