Woe To Drunkards

National media come to Acadiana and report on Bayou Teche Brewing Company in Arnaudville. Karlos Knott’s beer company is eight years old, and their brew is marking steady improvements. Ok, we know they used to make some pretty bad beer but still. Rachel Wharton reports for the New York Times.

Common Bond Brewers is opening in the forgotten city of Montgomery, Alabama. Maybe the team over there can make the old Alabama adage “don’t go to Montgomery” a thing of the past.

Founders All Day IPA used to be known as “Endurance IPA Jr.” which is a thousand times cooler than the modern appellation. Read about the history of the beer.

Barnaby Struve, x-3 Floyds is heading to Sweden to join the tiny Stigbergets Brewery. Good Beer Hunting has the details.

Satan is strong in Chicago. Tapster is a ‘pour your own’ craft beer bar. We have one of those in our homes. It’s called our refrigerator. When we go out to a bar we expect to have a barkeep pour our beers. And we expect him to listen as we tell him how tough we’ve got it. And we want to know where he goes to get his po boys, and tacos. Fuck a pour your own beer bar.

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