Breakfast Is Our Favorite Meal Of The Day

We make breakfast seven days a week.

Every week of the year.

Year over year, since we were just little sprouts who could barely fry up a pan of baloney, whomp up a pan of biscuits, and fry a pair of proper over-medium eggs, we’ve started our day by making breakfast.

It’s the most important meal of the day and we’ll happily skip a later-in-the-day repast if we can have our breakfast.

Presented here are a few of our favorite breakfast recipes.

Our sainted mother made the finest biscuits we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Here is June Sullivan VanGorder’s recipe for Angel Biscuits aka mayonnaise biscuits.

When you spend two decades in Texas you’re bound to learn a few breakfast taco recipes. Out in the Great State, chorizo is available at every market and corner store. It’s a basic building block of Tex-Mex cuisine and is a crucial ingredient in breakfast tacos. Here’s our formula for a basic chorizo and potato taco to start your day.

It’s nonsensical how few working chefs are out there plying their trade who cannot make a competent batch of scrambled eggs. We make the finest version we’ve ever sampled, and we’ve eaten them all over the world. Here’s our guide for making the best scrambled eggs you will ever put in your mouth.

When you spend your entire life cooking in the South, and Texas you’re bound to learn how to work with alligator as a basic protein. It’s delicious, and the eaters around you are always eager to feast when you put gator on your menu. Alligator breakfast tacos with roasted chiles.

The days of $2.99 Huevos Rancheros platters from our youth are long gone. Nowadays it’s more common to find this classic Tex Mex dish reaching upwards of ten bucks in our favorite taco parlors. That’s why me make this recipe at home.

When you’re a baby being reared in the South there will come a sad day in your young existence. The day you’re weaned from your mama’s teat. Thankfully southern mothers know that a good substitute for breast milk is grits. Here’s our recipe for stone ground grits with Hatch chiles white cheddar and country ham

Juan In A Million has been one of the most popular taco parlors in East Austin since 1980. Unfortunately, their signature taco, the ‘Don Juan’, is a shadow of its former self. We rewrote their recipe for them and restored the old classic to its former glory.

The Dutch have a multitude of pancake styles but our favorite is the Dutch Baby. It’s a big, fluffy golden dome of a pancake and is one of the most delicious things you will ever eat.

We’re not sure why but many people refuse to eat brains and eggs. This is an old-timey, Deep South recipe that we think is terrific. Of course we had to be tricked into eating it but that was because we were young and naive and would’ve never knowingly eaten such a strange dish.

Janie Catron was one of our dear friends mothers when were teenagers. She was a hell of a cook and we loved waking up in her home because she always got up early to make big batch of scratch biscuits doused in chocolate gravy.

Is there anything better than a warm bowl of porridge on a sub-70 degree New Orleans morning? Of course if you live in the no-man’s land, north of the Mason-Dixon line the dish takes on an added tenor due to the blizzard like conditions that exist starting around Halloween and running through Father’s Day. Here’s our formula for porridge.

Do you have a waffle iron? Brush the dust off of it and make our buckwheat waffles recipe

Creole and Tex Mex are two of the truly great cuisines of the world. We came up with a mashup where we combined the pair to create a recipe that was previously unknown to this world: Migas Done In The Creole Fashion.

Is there a Cajun in your life? Are you trying to bed them? Make them a big plate of couche couche and your path toward romance will be set.

  1. R.L. Reeves, you’re a treasure. Thanks for sharing this bucket of breakfast glory. I’m making that grits recipe for dinner, b/c what the fuck is better than breakfast for dinner? Our local hash house, The Oxford (est. 1883), used to have brains n eggs on the menu. The Ox has a penchant for nicknaming its dishes and this one was dubbed “He needs em.” Sadly, brains n eggs have been discontinued.

    Best to you from the snow-blasted steppes of the north.

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