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Here’s our recipe for Red Beans And Rice With Smoked Sausage.


2 lbs Sausage, smoked, chopped

2 lbs Beans, Red, Kidney

4 lbs Onion, Yellow, Sweet,chopped

6 each Chile, Poblano, chopped

1 each Chile, Habanero, minced

1 each Garlic, bulb, minced

1 each Celery,bunch, ribs, chopped

4 qts Stock, pork preferably but chicken will do


* Bring stock to boil with kidney beans, reduce to simmer

* Cook your trinity [onion,celery,poblano]

* We start by cooking the onion for a half hour, then add celery,Poblano and Habanero

* Cook for half hour more

* Add garlic and sausage

* Cook 15 minutes

* After beans have been cooking for 1 hour add your Trinity/sausage mix

* Cook til beans are tender

* Typically one more hour

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