Legendary Belgian brewer Pierre Celis put Austin, Texas beer scene on the map in the early 90s when a cold round of brews meant cracking open a few hand-grenade bottles of Pearl and calling it a day. The old master passed away back in 2011 but not before thoroughly training his daughter, Christine, in the art of brewing. Ms Celis has been on track to open her own brewery in Austin for the past few years but it was announced earlier this week that she’ll now be able to do so under the Celis marque (the name had previously been sold) Arianna Auber has all the details.

The word master has been so loosely tossed about in recent years that it has nearly lost all meaning. In the world of smoked meat, if you can pour some lighter fluid on a pile of Kingsford briquettes, you are then referred to as a pitmaster.

It’s a joke.

Mitch Steele breaks down the difference between a brewer and a brewmaster . All of these traits and attributes can be neatly transferred to the world of barbecue.

Moonraker Brewing is not even a year old but their Extremis IPA bested Pliny The Younger in a pitched battle at the 17th annual Bistro Double IPA Festival. Blair Anthony Robertson details the stunning upset.

De Halve Maan Brewery has been under its current ownership since 1856. The Maes family has been in a quandary for the past few years as they were rapidly outgrowing their space in Bruges, Belgium and needed an auxiliary facility outside of town. But how to ship the beer from their brewery in the town’s center to their bottler two miles away? Build a pipeline of course.

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