RL Reeves Jr Reports On USA’s Current State Of Soul Food

Cleveland’s on fire with soul food these days. Douglas Trattner, writing for the Cleveland Scene, breaks down the current state of hog maws and chitlins in the Rock and Roll Capital of the World”

We can’t imagine how hard opening a soul food restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota is. Daran’s Southern Soul Food and West Indian Cuisine recently swung their doors open in the onetime “divorce capital” of the Midwest. Darrell Randle’s carving himself a tough row to hoe but the North Carolina native will do it one bowl of grits at a time.

Aurora, Colorado checking in. Cora Faye’s Cafe quit Denver, a town they’d vended Red Kool-Ade and fried chicken in for the past decade for bigger, better digs in nearby Aurora. ‘Soul Food Scholar’ Adrian Miller is all over Cora Faye’s calling their coconut cream cake “…next level”

Speaking of Adrian Miller. The Soul Food Scholar is a dogged researcher as he pens historical volumes about the role of soul food in the United States.He implements many tools when he’s falling down ‘rabbit holes’ Newspapers among them.

Do y’all like chitterlings, fried chicken gizzards, and liver and onions? Then Sally’s Famous Kitchen near Nashville might be your bag. Writer Nancy Vienneau explores Sally’s joint.

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