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Alligators are perched at the top of the food chain in Louisiana, USA. Man can give them a good run for their money but only if he’s armed with a 30.06.

Take the firearm away and the gator will surely feast on any poor soul who gets in his way.

As we’ve said before, alligators are magnificent predators, a link to our ancient past, and perhaps most importantly, delicious.

Alligator hunters are poised to invade the Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex, a sprawling area that covers portions of the Sabine, Lacassine and Cameron Prairie wildlife refuges.

Shell Keys, another area of the refuge is not included in the alligator hunting region.

Hunters will fan out over nearly 200k acres in their quest to take down a trophy gator. If you’ve bought alligator meat in Louisiana in the last few months you know that this protein is extremely expensive. A successful gator hunt can save a household hundreds of dollars in grocery bills.

If you want to participate in the hunt you’ll need to follow an exacting list of rules. Alligators are highly protected in Louisiana and we can’t have a bunch of yahoos out there threatening this resource.

If you were born before Sept. 1, 1969 you are exempt from having to take the Hunter Education Certification course.

If you were born after this date you’ll have to enroll and complete the 10 hour course that is held over the course of 2-3 days. Cost is $15.

Other applicant requirements include:
1) Have equipment required to harvest alligators on the specific refuge assigned, like vehicles, boats, outboards, firearms and tackle

2) A minimum of three years of experience alligator hunting as a licensed alligator hunter and/or helper

3) You must pass a criminal background check, including checks for federal and state wildlife and/or criminal violations

Ne’er do wells need not apply.

Here’s how to apply:

On a 3″ x 5″ white index card (handwritten or typed) with first, middle and last name; mailing address; phone number and email address (if you have one)

Type or write: “Cameron Prairie, Lacassine, and Sabine”

Please designate the refuge in order of preference to hunt by writing 1 for a first choice, 2 for a second choice, and 3 for your third choice.

Send the completed cards to: Cameron Prairie NWR, 1428 Highway 27 South, Bell City, LA 70630.

A public drawing will be held a 9 a.m., March 8, Cameron Prairie NWR auditorium.

If you need additional information you may call Park Ranger, Diane Borden-Billiot at (337) 598-2216

Curious about alligators in Louisiana. Here’s a great article that will get you up to speed.

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