This Week In Craft Beer News

British beer drinkers are going to be paying more at the local pub as the pound’s value is plummeting due to Brexit. When we plan our overseas excursions we never even consider the UK as the pound has consistently hammered the dollar since we reached drinking age lo those many years ago. We’d far prefer visits to Bratislava or Turkey where the dollar has always been a strong performer. Rob Davies, writing for the Guardian, explores the cause and effect of Brexit on UK drinkers.

Malt nerds across the US are surely rejoicing as small batch maltsters are slowly making inroads into the craft beer community. Writer Matthew Curtis sits down with Troubador Malting of Fort Collins Colorado to talk about the scene.

Guys Drinking Beer cracks into a 10 year old bottle of North Coast Old Stock Ale. Patience.

The Abbey of St Wandrille is a Benedictine monastery in the commune of Saint-Wandrille-Rançon, founded in 649. The monks that live within the walls are now brewing their own beer after taking out a €750,000 loan to buy brewing equipment. Article

We’re always researching and trying to better educate ourselves on our industry. Learn more about esters and phenols and the differences between the two.

Beer of the week: La Frontera IPA from Big Bend Brewing in Alpine, Texas. Smuggled into Louisiana on a Southwest Airlines jet. Pre-juice bomb era ale.

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