A Recipe For Cajun Prune Whip With Poirier’s Cane Syrup

When I was a kid, mom had to hide the prunes. I’d eat the entire box in one sitting if she didn’t intercept me. Prunes are like plums but better, more concentrated, and filled with that lovely prune flavor. If you like Belgian quad ales you might like prunes too. Dark, fruity Belgian beers are an excellent gateway to the world of prunes.

Of course there’s no money to be made in selling prunes these days. The name’s gotten such a bad rap that the lovely fruit is now referred to as dried plums.

I eat prunes everyday but occasionally I like to flex and cook a classic old US housewife dish called Prune Whip. It’s a nostalgic recipe and I doubt there are any cooks under 70 years old still making it.

A Recipe For Cajun Prune Whip With Poirier’s Cane Syrup


1.5 c. Prunes
1/2 c. Syrup, cane, Poirier’s
4 each egg whites
1/2 t. Cream of tartar
1 T. Lemon juice

* Put prunes in saucepan
* Barely cover with water
* Bring to boil
* Reduce to simmer
* Cook 20 minutes or til prunes are soft and tender, mash thoroughly or run through ricer
* Chill prune puree in fridge
* Whip egg whites with cream of tartar til stiff
* Combine prunes, Poirier’s cane syrup, and lemon juice, blend well
* Gently fold prune mixture into stiffened egg whites
* Place prune whip in fridge, chill for one hour before serving

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