A Duroc Hog On A Morning Ramble At Fudge Family Farms

The National Pork Board has created America’s Pig Farmer of the Year contest in order to recognize the best of the best in pig farming.

There can be only one king and that king is Henry Fudge of Fudge Family Farms in Madison, Alabama.

Mr Fudge began raising Duroc hogs on his farm back in 1971. In the decades since he’s become known as the finest source of heritage pork in all of the Deep South.

If you’re eating in fine dining restaurants in Alabama there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll find Fudge Family Farms’ pork on the menu.

When we started our handmade bacon project a few years back we also began researching where we could source the best hog meat in all of Texas. And we found some outstanding farmers who powered our restaurant pop us series.

When we moved to Louisiana it opened up a whole new world of regional pig farms that we’d never had access to in the great state.

But our eyes were opened in an entirely new way when we discovered the breeding program that Henry Fudge established lo those many years ago.

It’s an 800 mile round trip journey from New Orleans to Madison, Alabama but the trips have been worth every inch as we discovered what we’re calling the ne plus ultra of Deep South hog meat.

There is none finer.

Do you know a US hog farmer who you feel is the finest in the land?

Nominate here.

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