This Week In Craft Beer News

Japan Times explores Tokyo Japan’s craft beer scene. We’d love to sit in an izakaya for a few hours in Kanda eating fried chicken and drinking craft beer.

Writer Christopher Barnes cracks open a fresh bottle of Westvleteren 12 with predictable results. Last Winter we got blind ass drunk at Gollem in Amsterdam off this Trappist potion, and our pocketbook took a serious hit at $15 per bottle (11.2 oz)

We had a lovely afternoon a few years back hanging out with the Pizza Port folks when they had ventured over to Austin, Texas. They’re one of our favorite breweries in spite of the fact we only get to drink their beers perhaps twice per annum when travelers accede to our begging and bring us cans of their brew from San Diego. Learn the history of the brewery here.

In 2014 some kind souls who know we love beer brought a few growlers of Rare Barrel brew to us from the West Coast. Our lives have never been the same. Learn more about our favorite sour-only brewing company in the US via the sometimes interesting Good Beer Hunting blog.

We hate reading gloom and doom, the sky is falling, pieces on the craft beer trade but Jason Notte is one of our favorite writers and his approach is quite different than your standard ink stained wretch’s. Is Pabst craft? is an interesting look at the current state of the industry.

Best beer we had all week? Nu Tropic IPA from Stillwater, a big, dry juice bomb served in a nonic glass in some fancy restaurant on Freret Street. Pricey at $8 (roughly $960 gross on a half barrel) but worth every penny.

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