Soul Food’s Standard Bearer Is Fried Chicken

Ewa Safi is cooking Hebrew, English and French soul food in Tel Aviv. If we make our way to Israel we’ll be loading up on veal sweetbreads, lamb shoulder, Moroccan fries, and farina bread. Buzzy Gordon filed this report. Pay special attention to the photos as they exhibit a skilled hand behind the lens.

The Famous Flames, a 15 seat restaurant just opened in London. Londoners’ prayers have been answered as the concern will be selling Nashville Hot Chicken, and deep-fried chicken wing buckets. Hannah Thompson is all over it.

Fat Chance opened late in 2016 in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis. Twin City dwellers will be on queue to get at platters of fried chicken, rib tips, collard greens, mac and cheese, cornbread, and plenty smoked meat sandwiches. We spotted Alabama white sauce in one of the photos in the piece penned by Mecca Bos.

West Bank (New Orleans) native Brenda Buenviaje has three restaurants in the San Francisco area. The one that gets our attention is Brenda’s French Soul Food, a restaurant that draws on the Creole-Filipina’s diverse ethnic heritage. Julian Marks profiles the chef.

Excellent writing here. Gabriel San Roman profiles Warren Bussey, a 103 year old Texan displaced to Orange County, California. Mr. Bussey dispenses several pears of wisdom in the article where he credits soul food to his longevity. In 1955, Bussey’s wife Mamie opened Jimmy’s Café, a soul food restaurant serving ‘chitlins, corn bread, and biscuits’.

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