Terry Funk’s Double Cross Ranch

We would’ve given anything to have been inside the Rex Baxter Building at the big 2017 Amarillo Texas Tri-State Open Chili Championship yesterday. Dozens of cooking teams from across the Great State converged on Amarillo with big cauldrons of hot Texas Red chili to offer patrons.

A high temperature of freezing did not dissuade hundreds of people from packing into the 44,000 square foot room that’s been the epicenter of the Northwest Texas plains chili scene since 1985.

1. Pink Ladies – Dimmitt
2. Ashlyn Fisher – Bushland
3. Shannon Carrick – Amarillo

Over 100 teams were gunning for one another at the championship so a top three finish is especially potent, and makes a noteworthy addition to each team’s chili resume.

Nearly a ton of chili was served at the event with proceeds going to Make a Wish.

No chili with beans was allowed entry in the competition but some teams did a workaround and made an extra pot to serve to the attendees.

No word on whether those team’s members will be allowed to stay in Texas or will be dragged kicking and hollering to either New or Old Mexico.

The Rules Of Texas Red Chili

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