Charlie T’s Specialty Meats In Breaux Bridge Louisiana

Neighbors are clashing over cured meat in Whitestone, Queens. A Chinese family moved into the neighborhood and hung meat to cure under an awning behind their home. The people next door were pissed off.

Broughgammon, a north Ireland charcuterie concern has launched a line of goat-based charcuterie. Goat bacon anyone? The company has a herd of 300 goat on a coastal, 48 acre farm.

The Fat Pony in Eindhoven, Netherlands does horse-based charcuterie pop ups. We enjoyed horse ribeyes at Steakhouse “Piet de Leeuw” B.V. in Amsterdam last Spring. Delicious.

Col. Bill Newsom’s Aged Kentucky Country Hams just turned 100. Jed Portman sits down with Nancy Newsom, the only female ham master in USA. Excellent article.

If you’re interested in the ancient art of Shanghai charcuterie here is an excellent primer.

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