There’s A Reason Why Pork Sausages Are So Cheap

In the December Hogs and Pigs Report that came out in late 2016, market hogs & inventories were reported to be through the roof: breeding +1%…market +4%.

In an industry that moves and slaughters millions of animals these seemingly small percentages really stack up. The inventory of all U.S. hogs and pigs on December 1, 2016 was 71.5 million head.

That’s one pig for every four citizens of the US, and it’s a record-breaking number.

Market hog inventory stood at 65.41 million head.

Fertile sows farrowing totaled 3.04 million head.

Across the meat supply chain (not limited to just pork) total meat production is going to be 218.6 lbs. per citizen living in the US for 2017.

That’s an astonishing number.

2.5 million hogs per week will be led to slaughter in 2017 to keep up with demands of chefs, housewives, backyard barbecue cooks as well as pitbosses scattered across the US. That’s a lot of pork.

Improved hog management techniques led the average piglets saved per litter number to soar to 10.63 for the September-November 2016 span.

Louisiana’s hog market for 2016 was grim as the state’s producers experienced a 17% decline in ‘hogs brought to market’

Neighboring Mississippi saw a modest 1% gain in the same category.

ed note: Hogs and pigs estimates were prepared by the Agricultural Statistics Board

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