Charlie T’s In Breaux Bridge Represents Rural Louisiana Charcuterie Mastery

A bar devoted to cured meat? It’s about to happen in south London, UK. Charcuterie company Cannon & Cannon will launch the concern next month, February 2017. Menu items will include: pork and fennel salami from East Sussex; Gloucester Old Spot loin; cured, air-dried West Country beef with hazelnuts, rapeseed oil and tarragon; port and juniper cured, air-dried and smoked mutton with pickled walnuts; and duck, pork and Sichuan pepper sausages.

We pray that they will also have a wall of taps devoted to pouring delicious beer. Could something like this go over in New Orleans?

Our beautiful world is filled with regional hams. Modern Farmer visits the UK for their York ham; Germany for their Ammerländer ham; France for their Bayonne ham; Italy for their Tyrolean speck; and Bulgaria for their Elenski but ham. We’ve been known to spend entire afternoons in ham-based chat rooms and this article is a good primer for people looking to improve their ham knowledge.

The National Post spoke with 10 renowned chefs to have them describe their perfect sandwiches. Not surprisingly, most of the veteran cooks were slobbering all over themselves in their love of charcuterie Gina Batali (owner of Salumi Artisan Cured Meats in Seattle, Wash.); Ryan Gatner (chef and owner of When the Pig Came Home in Toronto); and Renée Lavallée (chef and owner of The Canteen in Dartmouth, NS) were among those interviewed.

The New York Times goes deep into the underground ham world of western Kentucky where deals are struck in parking lots of used car businesses. Read about Freddie Bryant’s family tradition that goes back generations.

The braintrust behind Table, Donkey and Stick have developed a new concept called Danke where they’re running all kinds of crazy charcuterie specials. The most appealing one we read on was titled “Backyard Vampire.” It featured “thick paté slabs, roasted purple beets dressed in yogurt, black garlic vinaigrette, and a pickled chicken heart”

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