If You See Chef Punch Cooking Streetside In New Orleans Belly Up To The Big Man’s Table

If you type in “best New Orleans food blog” on the rickety Google platform you get a 10 year old blog post from My New Orleans talking up Rio Mar (shuttered) and Chris DeBarr (then) of Delachaise.

That’s the number one hit.

Number two is a different take on the exact same article. Number three is a piece from 2007 where My New Orleans (SEO masters apparently) welcome Robert Peyton to the fold.

Number four starts to get good. That’s where Scrumptious Chef is featured for an article we wrote on Ruby’s Barbecue in Austin Texas.

Where are all the good New Orleans food blogs? In 2014 we started and were forced to abort a weekly column titled “The Best New Orleans Food Blogs” Outside of this website we found nearly nothing. In the best eating-out city in all of the US, the food writing is left to mainstream outlets like the Times Picayune (Todd Price) and the New Orleans Advocate (Ian McNulty)

Those cats have plenty talent but if you’re looking for guerilla authors criss-crossing the city on the hunt for slow-cooked grits, hot plates and po boys then you’re left with one source. Scrumptious Chef.

Between Jan 1 and Nov 30th we penned 573 articles on this website. 90% of those were concerned with the New Orleans food scene. That’s why we’re proclaiming Scrumptious Chef to be the winner of the 2016 Best New Orleans Food Blog.

Runner up goes to….nobody. We can’t name a single, active, local food blog.

We’d love to be proven wrong. Please leave a hotlink to what you feel is the best New Orleans food blog in comments below.

2016 Scrumptious Chef Year End Review

The Best New Orleans Food Blog Of 2016

  1. Great post on New Orleans & southern food. Delachaise is one of the best bar & restaurant in uptown right on St. Charles. I went there couple weeks back for dinner and had great experience.

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