New Orleans Crime Blotter

NOLA Defender has vanished, and we loved their daily crime blotter so we’re going to take a crack at it.

This is information garnered from NOPD’s major offense log:

1) A brigand entered Advance Auto Parts on Claiborne Avenue with the intention of stealing work-shop towels. The criminal had a tête–à–tête with a manager who was having none of it but the bad guy produced a knife, and then fled. The manhunt is ongoing.

2) A stick-up man, of whom there are plenty in our neighborhood, approached the victim near the intersection of Washington and Loyola with a makeshift mask on his face. At gunpoint, the victim was forced to give up the contents of his pockets. The manhunt is ongoing.

3) At S.Robertson and 2nd Street a man entered his vehicle and was approached by three Black males, one of whom produced a chrome handgun, a carjacking ensued and the man was relieved of his 2013 Hyundai Elantra. The manhunt is ongoing.

It ain’t easy in the Big Easy.

A buddy of ours was mugged twice in the past four weeks. He walks around the Bywater going to shops and restaurants and getting exercise as he’s a man of leisure (retiree) One stick-up man got $7 off him, the next one got nothing as he was not carrying his wallet. Now he’s considering getting a gun so he can better defend himself.

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