Wayward Owl Brewing In New Orleans

Wayward Owl flung their doors open in the former Gem Theater (1947) recently. We had plenty coverage during the ramp up and can hardly wait to get by there and do some heavy drinking.

Carter Sherman sits down with Josh Stewart of the InterBrews podcast, a Houston-based beer ‘radio’ show. If you like staying up on the Texas brewing scene this is a good jumping off point.

Christopher Barnes is one of our favorite beer writers. In this article he looks at Silly Burgundy Barrel Aged Scotch Ale from both a contemporary and historical perspective.

During Todd Haug’s reign as brewer at Surly Brewing the company went from two to 365 employees. The Star Tribune sits down with Surly owner Omar Ansari to talk about Haug’s departure. A split that sent shockwaves through the US craft beer world. Ansari really stuck his foot in his mouth when he claimed “When the chef leaves the restaurant, the recipes don’t go with him,” though.

Yes. They. Do.

Eight new breweries opened in Kentucky in 2016. Here’s an article on the impact of craft beer in the Bluegrass State.

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