Moses Vasquez. Founder Of Tamale House In Austin Texas

Moses Vasquez. Founder Of Tamale House In Austin Texas

Cristina Potters is an authority on Mexican food, and has lived in Mexico for nearly 40 years. She is a fiend for tamales and wrote this article where she talks of how in certain parts of Mexico armadillo is a key ingredient.

Sarah Khan explores the tamale scene of Woodside in New York City. At the end of her piece she embeds a cool 5 minute video on a tamalera named Evelia.

Memphis is one of the best eating cities in the entire USA. Commercial Appeal writer Jennifer Biggs visits Restaurant y Tortilleria La Unica and reports on plenty menu items but really hones in on the tamales.

Caprice Gouveia makes a mole that features 26 ingredients. Her business Tukee’s Tamales operates via Facebook in a modified pop up style format. We like the cut of this lady’s jib. She gives full credit for her cooking chops to her granny Celia Estrada Gonzalez.

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