IGA Has Canned Tamales For Those Who Cannot Get The Real Ones

IGA Has Canned Tamales For Those Who Cannot Get The Real Ones

Speaking on selling tamales at the Kansas State Fair, Father Colin Boor states: “We are going to war.” Wow. The good father has clearly spent time in a busy kitchen because that is exactly what happens when you’re in the trenches and the patrons are coming at you in great waves of humanity. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church has been selling tacos and tamales at the fair since 1947.

Pepe Balanzar claims that his Tamale Spaceship is the first food truck in all of Chicago. We doubt that but the good cook does have words of tamale wisdom.

Tamales y Bicicletas is a social change organization led by Jose Luis Villasenor. He offers a compelling narrative on the ability of Latinos to effect great changes in their community via activism.

Tamale Boy, Jaime Soltero Jr. is opening the second location of his eponymous restaurant next door to Labrewatory in Portland. We’d love to get a hold of this man’s octopus sandwich.

Was President Gerald Ford done in by tamales?

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