2010 Port Barre Cracklin Festival Queen

2010 Port Barre Cracklin Festival Queen

The Port Barre Cracklin Festival is on the short list of Louisiana food parties that we have never attended. Fried out hog fat with skin attached is one of the leading lights in the Acadiana food canon and one of the great contributions of Cajuns to the world of eating.

We live in the finest foods state in the union and cracklins are a cornerstone of our cuisine.

Some mornings when getting out of bed seems impossible we remember that there is a possibility that we’ll run across cracklins during the course of the day, and that’s all the motivation we need.

The Port Barre Cracklin Festival got its start in 1985 when the Lion’s Club was founded, the party serves as a fundraiser for the club who use the moneys to provide eye care for people who suffer financially

The slaughterhouses of Acadiana will be right busy during the ramp up to the event. We expect T Boy Berzas up in Mamou to have a full pen of hogs each morning

Like any good Cajun party there will be an equal emphasis on music to complement the food:

Friday night Dustin Sonnier headlines

Saturday morning at 10am the festival hosts its annual parade on Saizan Avenue through the center of Port Barre

Saturday night Travis Matte and the Kingpins close out the party

and Sunday Ryan Foret and the Foret Tradition finish off this year’s edition of Port Barre’s Cracklin Fest

The festival is held in Veterans Memorial Park right behind city hall in Port Barre. Cost is $5 per day, children 10 and under get in for free.

photo courtesy of the queen’s website

  1. Hey! That queen is me! Thanks for highlighting our amazing festival! I know his is an old post – but we appreciate any shoutouts we get! The Lions of Port Barre are an amazing group!

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