Soul Food Universal Register via rl reeves jr

Soul Food Universal Register via rl reeves jr

This Saturday Terrebonne Parish is inaugerating a brand new Soul Food Festival. Big Meats Soul Food Cafe owner Arlanda Williams is producing the affair and it promises to be a good one.

Denver Colorado is an unlikely bastion of soul food cooking but the Mile High City has a long, rich tradition of serving smothered pork chops, pig ear plates, collards and treacly sweet potato casseroles. Writer Justin Cygan explores the menu at Welton St. Cafe calling their fried chicken platter their ‘magnum opus’.

If you’ve got a hankering for Ranch dressing-flavored deep fried turkey wing then Cola Pettiford, the owner of We Got Soul in Stone Mountain, Georgia can answer that craving. The novice restaurateur says “I’m just a country girl from Tifton, Georgia with big dreams.” Good luck Miss Cola, we are rooting for you.

A year ago the meat and three plate at Charleston’s Martha Lou’s would run you $8.50. Then it went up to $9.50, then $10.50, and now, one year later it stand at $14 plus tax. Martha Lou Gadsden is 86 years old and she can charge whatever the hell she wants, we aver. Local writer Hanna Raskin explores the price surge. Unfortunately Raskin quotes some Yelpers during her article. It’s best that that ilk remain voiceless or at least let them continue hollering into the void.

The German’s have long held a strong hold on soul food. One of the Scrumptious cooking crew is a middle-aged German lady and she can flat get it in the kitchen. Pig and Turnip out in Oregon has our full attention.

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